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Where Are YOUR Customers Looking?

If You Are Not Tapped In To Mobile Marketing, You Will Not Be Seen

We are a mobile planet…

and with over 80% of the U.S. population now owning smart-phones, people are living their lives through their phones – shopping, researching, paying bills, making appointments and making reservations for dining and hotel stays. The list continues to grow.

So what does this mean to you and your business?

It means that IF your business has a mobile website or a mobile App, you are poised to take advantage of the most powerful marketing tool invented so far!

It also means that your business needs to have a mobile presence! Mobile has become the #1 media of choice by the consumer and that changes everything!

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The question that needs to be answered is: What level of experience are you providing to your mobile customers now? The best test is simple to perform and you can do it now: take your smart phone and type in the URL of your company… what do you see? What does the Home Page look like? Is the text legible without adjustments? Can you read the navigation bar? If not, your mobile customer may just be “gone”, moving on to a competitor with a navigable site. This is the hard truth.

We, at The Business App Company take pride in being at the forefront of mobile technology. We can provide you with the Complete Mobile Solution, whether it be a simple  mobile website or custom designed mobile App created specifically for your business at your specifications. Here’s how it works. Take the tour…

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Why Mobile?

It’s Fast  ·  It’s Easy  ·  It’s Convenient