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Welcome to the Mobile Revolution!

How does your website look on a smartphone? If it’s hard to see without making constant adjustments, if it’s difficult to navigate… it’s NOT user friendly and your customers will not stay – they’re off to visit your competition.

Sadly, we’ve become an impatient society with higher expectations and lower tolerances toward Better, Faster & Easier! Driven by technology, mobile has become the #1 media of choice not only for consumers, but it has also become a marketers dream come true.

Getting your message out and onto the most personal device we all own – a smartphone – is revolutionizing the way small and medium-size businesses market their products and services. It’s greater “reach” with less expense. Now, every small business that was created by “word-of-mouth” can amplify and increase their business exponentially utilizing a smart mobile strategy that includes a custom designed Mobile App.

The Business App Company provides a Complete Mobile Solution – start to finish – at an affordable price.


The Business App Company is ready to take you there. We will provide the guidance and direction and together, we will design the product that best fits your needs and your customer’s needs.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Increase revenue and grow your business 

  • Brand development 

  • Create differentiation 

  • Push Notifications 

  • New Clients/Customers 

  • Client/Customer retention

  • Always on, always available – “On the fly” – instant interaction is with your Client/Customer is at their (and your) fingertips.

  • App store search (think SEO) – we provide the key words necessary for people to find you instantly through a search on the App store.

  • Total Control 

What are the advantages of a mobile app for small business?

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Why Mobile?

It’s Fast  ·  It’s Easy  ·  It’s Convenient