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Mobile Apps – The Marketing Engines of the Future

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August 25th, 2013 by admin

AppCpTrioShed the conventional and embrace the unlimited opportunities of Mobile.

Businesses have realized that the marketing and advertising strategies they’ve been clinging to are no longer as effective as they were – even 2 years ago. A major shift has taken place. A shift that must first take place in the “mind” – that’s how drastic this Mobile Revolution is.

The world has embraced the smartphone. It has become an appendage to millions – we are never more than a few feet away from our smartphone. The customer is in charge! They are the ones to decide which technology ‘works’ for them. They will decide how they will best receive and process the information, offers and deals that are “sent” to them. Businesses are just beginning to try what they think will work for their customers.

A mobile presence is a MUST for your business! This is the year of the “Customer Experience”!

Mobile apps are giving small and medium-size businesses an epic boost! Restaurants, dry cleaners, real estate agents and specialty food stores are leading the way with their branded apps. These forward-thinking companies have seen and experienced the marketing power and potential of their apps. Mobile apps are creating a superior customer experience. Let’s look at a few examples:

A customer uses a restaurant app to reserve a table for herself and three guests, export the reservation to iCal, email the confirmation to her friends using her address book, collect loyalty rewards points, set a reservation reminder, pull up step-by-step directions to the restaurant, take a selfie with her friends at dinner and share it on social media, post a review on Yelp!, redeem a digital coupon, and even pay for her meal.

A customer uses a home store’s e-commerce app to browse DIY projects, discuss ideas in the store’s social forum, use augmented reality to imagine the project in his own home, calculate the amount of materials he will need; order, pay for, and track shipment of his products, watch a step-by-step instructional video, and share photos of his completed project on his social networks.

The Mill Restaurant Group (MRG), (available on both Apple [IOS] and Android platforms) sends out tasteful, time sensitive and non-invasive notifications to their app users (truly their most loyal customers) that are directly linked to beautifully designed offers. Customers can view their real-time menus and make reservations through OpenTable – all “on the fly”! It’s fast, easy and convenient – just what their customers want! The ability to provide their customers with maintenance free loyalty programs is a win-win situation that not only brings their customers in more often but also ensures their retention – it’s all about the “Experience” provided.

Swiss Cleaners, a suburban CT dry cleaner with multiple locations provides their customers with sign-up and a request-for-pick-up feature on their app (available on Apple [IOS] and Android platforms) that their customers have chosen as their preferred way to interact with the company. It’s so easy and convenient – available 24/7! Proof of the apps popularity – in just over a year there have been over 1,500 IOS downloads and over 8,400 accesses to the HTML5 version of their app!

O’Live A Little Specialty Gourmet is the best place to find the finest olive oils, vinegars, salts, sugars and unique gifts! Their mobile app (available on Apple [IOS] and Android platforms) has a bountiful collection of fabulous recipes using their award winning olive oils & vinegars from around the World. These recipes along with their customer loyalty and Passport features are accessed daily by their app-holders.

The popularity and growth of branded business apps is being played out daily. On a larger scale, the national retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy’s and JC Penney have embraced the mobile app marketing channel to complement their overall mobile marketing strategy. Here’s what is reported about Nordstrom’s Mobile App:

“By implementing a rich mobile app, Nordstrom can engage and transform customers from occasional visitors to loyal customers by having them download the app for faster, more frequent and higher value experiences whether they are at home, on the go or in a Nordstrom store. In doing so, Nordstrom will drive incremental sales, increase customer loyalty and learn more about consumer’s buying behavior to serve them better in the future.”  – Luxury Daily

Mobile apps for businesses are the Marketing Engines of the future. Customers are responding positively and are embracing the use of branded business applications. These apps are making their lives easier because it’s a faster, easier and more convenient way for them to connect with their favorite businesses! Tens of millions of dollars are being invested into the development of branded business-based mobile applications daily. With emerging technologies such as geo-fencing and location-based services, it’s inevitable! By 2016 the majority of businesses (large and small) will have their own branded mobile application, just as they now have a website.

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